Accessory Tensioners and Belts

Our PROCODIS France accessory tensioners are used to change the belt direction and are conform with the highest industrial requirements.

They are mainly made up with an aluminium part and another portion with an encapsulated bearing.

Very high-quality bearings are perfectly suited for the demands placed on them and the plastic encapsulation are built to endure high stress loads.

Most of our accessory tensioners have automatic tensions with a high-performance stainless steel.

Trapezoidal belts are belts with trapezoidal sections. Their trapezoidal shape gives them a good contact without slipping with pulleys, by the mechanism principle of jamming. They are strong, usury, oil and heat resistant.

PROCODIS France’s streaked belts guarantee a performance and a driving comfort comparable to those from original equipment manufacturers:

  • Usury resistant
  • Low lengthening rate
  • Low level noise

Our accessory ball bearings are used to modify the path of the belt and answer the most severe requests for proposal.