Clutch kits

The clutch kit is the whole collection of parts (mechanism + disk + release bearing) making the link between the engine and the gearbox. The clutch allows coupling and separation between the engine and the wheels.

All PROCODIS France clutch kits are new and assembled with automotive supplier release bearings.

As an alternative PROCODIS France also offers a dual mass for 4-piece kit clutch including a flywheel.

The 600 kits which make up PROCODIS France’s range cover about 95% of the European automobile market.

Clutch mechanism

Clutch mechanism PROCODIS FRANCEThe mechanism in passive position keeps the engine and the gearbox coupled. In active position, it separates them.
Each of our mechanisms is new and unitarily balanced.

Clutches disks

Clutches disks PROCODIS FRANCETuvCertLOGOThe clutch disk constitutes the central linking element of the clutch. This is blocked between the mechanism and the flywheel, which is responsible for the coupling and separating of the engine and the wheels. The disk, made with depreciation springs, minimizes transmission of vibrations from the engine towards the gearbox for an increased comfort.
All our clutch facings are certified by the German organisation TÜV.