The timing belt synchronizes with accuracy the various phases of the engine combustion. But it also performs other functions such as the injection pump, water pump and intermediate shaft driving. A timing belt break can have serious consequences…

The life cycle of your engine depends on its driving. Replace your timing belt by an original Contitech belt that renowned for their reliability, strength and wear resistance.

The driving belt is also very important. It links the engine pulley (Crankshaft pulley) to other pulleys of different accessories such as water pump, alternator, steering pump, air conditioning compressor… A broken drive belt can stop the functioning of the alternator and all the other organs driven by the latter. If it is not replaced in time, it can break the timing belt.

Continental Contitech is the world market leader of rubber and plastic technology, that’s why their products are the most reliable for the belt replacement and to increase your engine life cycle.