Timing belt kits

The total amount of actual vehicles is equipped with Timing belt kits. For some of them, the synchronization between the low and high engine is done by a chain (rarely replaced). For all the others (that interest us) this operation is performed by a timing belt.

To maintain quality, PROCODIS France offers a complete solution which includes all necessary parts to replace the “timing”, original equipment manufacturer timing belts (the same used by car manufacturers) which guarantee a safe replacement.

Whether it is for industrial reasons (e.g. low volumes for a production launch) or administrative (e.g. patents) PROCODIS France does not hesitate to complete its production with automotive tensioners, which are also used by car manufacturers.

Our Timing belt kits are composed of:

  • One or more tensioner pulleys,
  • One or more idler pulleys,
  • One or more original equipment manufacturer timing belt,
  • A screw kit if necessary,
  • Camshaft damper pulley (if it’s a prerequisite by the car manufacturer).

PROCODIS France offers a wide range of more than 450 Timing belt kits which covers the majority of the European automobile market.